Our Services


We prepare tax returns for a number of individuals and businesses. Our tax service includes year round consultation, so if your situation changes we are available to discuss with you and make whatever adjustments are deemed necessary. There are no additional fees for this service. Our tax preparation fee varies by specific situation but starts at $125……..a great value considering we are available 12 months of the year. should your tax situation change or if you have questions about something that may impact your tax situation.


We work with a number of businesses to facilitate accounting for their business. We adapt our services to meet the needs of our clients and the capabilities/availability of their staff. For some clients we are their “Bookkeeper” and record all transactions. For others, we provide oversight to what their internal staff is already doing. The key is to partner with our clients to make sure their needs are met. Many of our clients utilize Quickbooks, including Quickbooks Online. We are a Gold member of the Quickbooks Pro-Advisor program.


We provide complete payroll services from preparation of payroll thru filing of payroll tax returns and related documents (W2s and 1099s). Some of our clients do some of their own payroll and enlist our assistance with compliance such as quarterly tax filings and preparation of W2s. Others let us handle the complete payroll where we prepare payroll checks or direct deposit based on hours provided by the client.

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